Site Stats

The work we do here at The Local Law Library tends to generate a lot of additional data, especially when the data is aggregated in a statistical format.  So while the Local Law Library is a perpetual work-in-progress, there is still value and purpose for us to share with the public some of these statistics generated from our work.  If you are interested in accessing some of our unpublished statistics, please feel free to contact our help desk.

Local Law Library Statistics

Total Number of Documents Cataloged:  1,222

Total Number of Exclusive Documents Cataloged:  1

why not try here Types of Government Units In Catalog

City 642
Village 280
Town 231
County 64
Tribal 1
Improvement District 1
Police Dept. 1
Water Reclamation District 1 Codification Sources In Catalog

Internal Codification 253
AmLegal 139
Code Publishing Company 8
Coded Systems 1
General Code LLC (eCode360) 78
Illinois Codification Services 21
MuniCode 375
Municipal Code Services, Inc. 3
Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS) 168
Quality Code Publishing (qCode) 5
Sterling Codifiers 171

keto cream price Number of Documents By State

Alabama 110 Montana
Alaska Nebraska 82
Arizona Nevada
Arkansas 68 New Hampshire
California New Jersey
Colorado New Mexico 60
Connecticut New York
Delaware 31 North Carolina
Florida North Dakota
Georgia Ohio
Hawaii 4 Oklahoma
Idaho Oregon
Illinois 514 Pennsylvania
Indiana Rhode Island
Iowa South Carolina
Kansas South Dakota
Kentucky Tennessee 193
Louisiana Texas
Maine 113 Utah
Maryland Vermont
Massachusetts Virginia
Michigan Washington
Minnesota West Virginia
Mississippi Wisconsin
Missouri Wyoming 47