Midlothian | Police | Cook County | Illinois | General Orders

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can i buy Lyrica online Notes: Certain general orders were excluded from the FOIA request pursuant to application of Illinois FOIA laws

Main Table of Contents

General Order 1-1: Mission and Values

General Order 1-2: Discretion and Authority

General Order 1-3: Racially Biased Policing

General Order 2-1: Direction/Obedience to Orders/Succession of Command/Written Directives

General Order 2-2: Organization/Command and Control/Span of Control/Unity of Command

General Order 2-3: Inspections

General Order 3-1: Force/Use of Force

General Order 3-2: Force Incident Reporting and Response

General Order 3-3: Weapons

General Order 3-4: Firearms Authorized for Use/Firearms/Training

General Order 3-5: Electronic Control Device/Nova Spirit Electronic Control Device

General Order 3-6: Unknown

General Order 3-7: Unknown

General Order 3-8: Taser

General Order 3-9: Rifle/Carbine Authorization and Regulations

General Order 4-1: Patrol Function/Policing Services Division/Roll Call/Schedule/Work Periods

General Order 4-2: Calls for Service Response

General Order 4-3: Domestic Violence

General Order 4-4: Bicycle Patrol

General Order 4-5: Directed Patrol Assignments

General Order 4-6: Acting Watch Commander

General Order 4-7: Juveniles/Delinquent Minors/Dependent Minors/Minors/Neglected Minors

General Order 4-8: Foot Patrol

General Order 4-9: Fire and Emergency Medical Services Calls/Arson Investigations/Explosions

General Order 4-10: Unknown

General Order 4-11: Tactical Unit

General Order 4-12: Mobile Video System

General Order 4-13: Canine

General Order 4-14: Productivity Standard/Policing Division Performance Activity

General Order 5-1: South Suburban Emergency Response Team (SSERT)/Emergency and Special Operations

General Order 5-2: Unknown

General Order 5-3: Unknown

General Order 5-4: Suburban Major Accident Reconstruction Team (SMART)/Emergency and Special Operations

General Order 5-5: Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan

General Order 6-1: Traffic Law Enforcement/Court Diversion Program/Decoy Squad Car/Parking Enforcement/Selective Traffic Enforcement

General Order 6-2: Roadside Safety Checks

General Order 6-3: Vehicle Tows and Abandoned Vehicles/Inoperable Vehicles/Inventory Searches/Relocated Vehicles/Repossessions of Vehicles/Seizure and Forfeiture of Vehicles/Tows

General Order 6-4: Traffic Crash Investigation

General Order 6-5: Traffic Incident Report

General Order 6-6: Traffic Direction and Control/Escorts/School Crossing Guards/Temporary Traffic Control Devices/Traffic Control Signals

General Order 6-7: Seat Belt and Child Restraint Usage

General Order 6-8: Unpaid Parking Ticket Compliance/Failure to Pay Ticket Violators

General Order 7-1: Criminal Investigation Function/Case Classification/Detective Unit/Interrogation of Suspects/Investigative Procedures

General Order 7-2: Unknown

General Order 7-3: South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force (SSMCTF)

General Order 7-4: Evidence and Property Control/Found Property

General Order 7-5: Evidence Collection and Preservation/Crime Scenes

General Order 7-6: Evidence and Property Packagin and Disposal/Packaging Evidence and Property/Storing Evidence and Property

General Order 7-7: Evidence Analysis

General Order 7-8: Unknown

General Order 7-9: Unknown

General Order 7-10: Unknown

General Order 7-11: Investigation Function/Lineups

General Order 8-1: Unknown

General Order 9-1: Communications Function/Calls for Service/Radio Room

General Order 9-2: 911 System Operations

General Order 9-3: Unknown

General Order 9-4: Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (LEADS)

General Order 10-1: Records Function/Complaint Cards/Information Services Section

General Order 10-2: Communications and Information Systems/Bulletin Boards/Computers/E-mail/Fax Machines/Internet Access/Mail/Mobile Data Terminals/Pagers

General Order 10-3: Criminal History Access and Review

General Order 11-1: Public Information/News Media/Release of Information

General Order 11-2: Radar Trailer

General Order 11-3: Release of Information/Illinois Freedom of Information Act

General Order 11-4: Community Relations

General Order 11-5: Social Media

General Order 11-6: Ride Along Program

General Order 11-7: DARE and GREAT Programs/Drug Abuse Resistance Education/Gang Resistance Education and Training

General Order 12-1: Recognition of Department Members/Awards/Commendations

General Order 12-2: Harassment/Sexual Harassment

General Order 12-3: Personnel Files

General Order 12-4: Discipline/Pre-disciplinary Meetings/Relieving Members from Duty/Suspensions

General Order 12-5: Complaints Against Department Members/Internal Investigations

General Order 12-6: Problem Resolution/Grievances

General Order 12-7: Sick Leave Use and On-Duty Injury

General Order 12-8: Travel Expense Reimbursement/Meal Allowance/Mileage

General Order 12-9: Job Descriptions/Duties and Responsibilities

General Order 12-10: Drug-Free Workplace

General Order 12-11: Part-Time Police Officers

General Order 12-12: Collective Bargaining

General Order 12-13: LImited Duty

General Order 12-14: Uniform and Appearance/Sworn and Civilian Personnel

General Order 12-15: Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

General Order 12-16: Secondary Employment/Extra-Duty Employment/Outside Employment

General Order 12-17: Use of Department Vehicles

General Order 12-18: Body Armor/Ballistic Vest

General Order 12-19: Unknown

General Order 12-20: Compensation, Benefits and Working Conditions for Sworn Personnel

General Order 12-21: Death or Serious Injury in the Line of Duty

General Order 12-22: Axuiliary Police Officers

General Order 13-1: Specialized Assignments

General Order 13-2: Roll Call Training/In-Service Training/Remedial Training/Specialized Training/Advanced Training/Career Development

General Order 13-3: Field Training Officer Program/Recruit and Field Training

General Order 13-4: Simunition F/X Training/Airsoft Training

General Order 14-1: Notifications

General Order 14-2: Consular Notification and Access/Arrests of Foreign Nationals/Asylum Requests by Foreign Nationals/Foreign Nationals

General Order 14-3: Sex Offender Registration

General Order 14-4: Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement

General Order 14-5: Illinois Department of Labor Responsibilities/Reporting Procedures

General order 14-6: American Disability Act (ADA)/Procedure for Interpreter