About Us

Our Mission

view it To help equalize access to the 89,000+ local justice systems in the United States by aiding government units across the United States publish their municipal code books, ordinances, policies and rules and regulations online in the next 5 years while maintaining an archive of past copies of these public documents.

read the article To create a site that allows everyone the ability to quickly and conveniently review current and archived materials.

To provide educational information and materials designed to improve awareness and knowledge of local justice systems.

Our Approach In 2019

March – June

Manually inspect and catalog content already provided available online by government units across the United States.

July – September

Create and upload archive copies of content already available online.

October – December

Apply the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) mechanism to acquire at least one digital copy from each and every government unit of their laws/rules and regulations for publishing purposes.