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Get to know your local Municipal Code bookThe Main Library

click to read Our Main Library helps you quickly connect to local municipal code books published online by a municipal unit in the United States.

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Get to know your local Municipal Code book1st Release Archive

Less than 50% of all municipal units have any version of their municipal code books posted online.  The Local Law Library is dedicated to publishing municipal code books not available anywhere else!  We are working hard to fill up our drive space with documents that–at least appear–to never have been accessible to the public prior to our publishing it.

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Local Get to know your local Municipal Code bookGovernment Rules and Regulations

The Local Law Library believes in the philosophy that one has the right and sometimes obligation to learn for themselves the text creating laws, general orders as well as sets of rules and regulations written by those elected

This is why we decided to publish content other than just municipal code books. We want to build a place you can turn to if you are looking for likely rules and policies adopted by municipal units at some point in local history, such as police and fire general orders, as well as charters for agencies and commissions and park district rules and regulations.

We believe ‘Equal Access To Justice’ Must Include Equal Access To Local Rules and Laws.

Many organizations and government agencies are working hard to make the justice system accessible to one and all equally.  However, it appears that one of the largest segments our justice system continues to be dismissed by all sides affected by rules laws created at the local level.Get to know your local Municipal Code book

In 2010, less than 40% of all municipal units across the United States had their local municipal code books available online in some form..  We think you’ll notice our site attempts to fill in a portion of this gap.  You’ll see this site links to existing sites hosting municipal code books, municipal courts as well as publishing versions received via FOIA request or personally scanned by a member of The Local Law Library.

The primary mission of The Local Law Library is to help ensure that 100% of the municipal units in the United States have at least one archive version of their municipal code books available online by 2024.  We clearly have the storage space to hold the documents.  We also have the technology to translate these documents fairly quickly and accurately. Whether from language to language or the ever-expanding field of enabling those lacking an ability to read the documents, the marketplace and the hobbyist can equally play a role in keeping access to their own local justice systems as wide open as possible to the the digital domain of public documents written by government officials.

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